What Are Authorised Domains?

At Referral Factory, we understand the importance of security while promoting your referral program. So, we offer features to safeguard your business from malicious activities, including the ability to restrict embedding to authorised domains.

To help you promote your referral program, you can embed the Pages for the Person Referring on your website or install them as a referral widget or pop-up.

As an additional layer of security, however, you have the option to limit this feature's functionality to specific domains.


How To Restrict Embedding to Authorised Domains


→ Navigate to the Settings tab and then select Emails and Domains.

→ In the section titled Authorised Domains, enter the domain URLs you WANT TO AUTHORIZE. Be sure to enter the domains without "HTTPS://" or "HTTP://".

❗️ By default your referral campaigns will be allowed for embedding, and/or as a widget or pop-up, on all website domains. This feature will only restrict embedding after you add authorised domains. 

💡 Please note that your website URL may or may not include the prefix "www.". If you are unsure, we recommend adding both versions: example.com and www.example.com.

→ Click Save


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