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How To Qualify Referred Users By Upload: A Simple Way To Mark Which Of Your Referrals Have Converted

Qualifying your referrals when they successfully convert is a key aspect of referral tracking and you can now do this simply by uploading a list of your new customers and Referral Factory will check which ones were referred!


One convenient way to qualify referred users who have converted is by exporting a list of all your customers or converted leads from your database or CRM and uploading it to Referral Factory. You do not need to filter the list — Referral Factory will scan the list and check whether any of the contacts were referred and, if they were, it will qualify them.

Many customers find it helpful to perform this process on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the volume of customers they receive and their desired frequency for qualifying referrals. The entire process typically takes around 15 minutes to complete.

You have the option to qualify referrals using various sources, such as their referral code, email address, or a coupon code issued to them via your referral program. This flexibility allows you to tailor the qualification process to best suit your needs.


💡 Referral Factory will not re-qualify or unqualify referrals that have already been qualified, so it's safe to upload a list of all your converted customers even if they have already been qualified. 


→ To qualify by upload, navigate to the Users tab

→ Click Qualify Referred Users.


Screenshot showing that your referral program software user you can qualify.

→ Choose which source data to use for qualification: email address, referral code, or coupon code.

→ If you choose to qualify by Email Address, select the campaign (this is because some users may be participants in multiple campaigns).

→ Click Next.


Screenshot showing that your referral program software users you can qualify by Email Address.

→ Prepare your CSV file. You can download the following templates to format the file correctly:

❗️ Please do not include a header row in your CSV file.

→ Click Browse to browse files on your computer.

→ Select the CSV file and click Open.

You will see the email addresses, referral codes, or coupon codes populate below. 

→ Click Next.

qualify upload

→ Check that the number of data points you have entered matches what has been recognized on the system. Click Qualify.

Screenshot showing you can  Check that the number of data points you have entered matches to your referral program software.

The next modal will show an estimate of how many users will be qualified. 

→ Click Close.

Screenshot showin how many users will be qualified in your referral program software.

💡 You can check if a user is qualified by scrolling to the right until you see the column, Qualified At.