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How To Qualify Referred Users By Upload

Qualifying your referrals when they successfully convert is a key aspect of referral tracking, because it helps you automate the management of your referral program.

Qualifying referrals by upload is a no-code solution that will allow you to send the details of the referred user when they convert back to Referral Factory so you can track which of your referrals have qualified. You can then notify users, and issue rewards automatically too. 


In this help guide we will cover everything you need to know about how to qualify your referrals by upload. 

👉 How it works  

👉 Create your list of referred users that have converted

👉 Uploading your converted referral list


1. How it works 

You can export a list of customers from your database or CRM and upload that list to your referral program to qualify the referred users who have converted. This will make your life much easier because there is no need for you to sort out or filter customers which can be time-consuming. All you need to do is upload your customer list to your campaign and IF there are any referred users in your campaign that are also on your customer list then they will automatically be qualified. 


Most customers choose to do this once a week or once a month depending on the volume of customers they receive and how often they want to qualify referrals. This process typically takes around 15 minutes to do from start to finish.


You can choose to qualify the referrals using the following sources: their referral code, their email address, or using a coupon code that you issued the user in your campaign. 


You can only use one source per upload. It is not possible to qualify some users using an email address and others using a referral code in the same CSV upload.

2. Creating your list of referred users that have converted

In order to upload your converted referrals you will need to create a CSV file with who has converted you need to create a CSV file with the details of the source you have chosen ie their referral code, their email address, or the coupons they used.


You only need one column on this CSV with the referral code, email address, or coupon. The CSV must also NOT have a header in it. Below is an example of the format for email addresses.


Example of CSV list to upload and qualify referrals


3. Uploading your converted referral list

Navigate to the Users tab in your Referral Factory account. Then click on the Qualify Referred Users button.

Qualify referred users in Referral Factory


Then you need to select which source you are going to qualify referred users on. In this example, we are going to choose an email address. From the drop-down, select which campaign you want to qualify referred users in. Click Next.

Qualify referred users by email address


Click on the Browse button to upload your list OR you can type in the email address (or referral codes or coupon codes IF you chose that source). Click Next.

Upload CSV file


Once your referred users have been added, you will need to confirm to qualify. 

Confirm to qualify


The referred users that are in your campaign that are also in your list will automatically be qualified.

Qualified referrd users


You can only qualify referred users. If there are users in your list that are not referred then you will receive a message like this and ONLY the referred users will be qualified.


Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 12.41.18


If you are still having problems uploading your CSV file, please reach out to our customer support team for further assistance: You can either mail them to support@referral-factory.com or log a ticket from inside your dashboard.