Video Walkthrough | How To Qualify Referred Users With Their Email Using Zapier

Using this Zap, you can automatically qualify a referred user by sending Referral Factory their email address.

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You would only do this once the referred user successfully converts - a conversion could be a purchase, signed a deal, an action taken inside your app or CRM, or anything else.  


The most common way our customers use this Zap is by creating automation for every conversion they have, they send the email address of all users that convert back to Referral Factory - our system then checks if that user was referred, and if they were our system will then mark them as qualified ☑️

Example One:

Watch this video to learn how to qualify users with email Zap by sending their email address back to Referral Factory from Freshbooks👇

Example Two:

Let's assume you got a new customer referred, and you send that user into your Airtable database.


Once that new customer completes the desired action (that is reflected on your Airtable database), you can then use the 'Qualify User With Email' Zap to send their email address back to Referral Factory from Airtable.

This tells our system to mark that referred user as qualified ☑️

Please note that the most accurate way to qualify users (with a 100% match rate), is to qualify them using their unique code. But in some cases, you might not have their unique code, and in that case, we recommend qualifying them using an email address.  

Referral Factory + Zapier = 🚀