Integration Features: How Our Referral Software Integrates With Your Business

Great referral software makes it easy to manage your referrals using the workflows that already exist. Referral Factory's integrations help you automate your referral program.

In this help guide we'll highlight the main benefits of integrating your referral program software directly with your business and your existing workflows👇

1. You want to send your new referred users into the workflows you already use. 


If you connect your CRM with your referral management software you would be able to send your new referred users (leads) into your business and the workflows you already use. You can also use Webhooks and Zapier to send new referred users out too. 


Here's an example - John refers Sally, you want Sally to go into HubSpot as a contact so that you can follow up and close that deal. 

2. You want an automated way to tell Referral Factory when those referred users convert. 


If you use an integration, you can create rules inside your system that basically say - every time you update a lead, contact, or deal in your CRM then it would automatically let your referral management software know if that person converted. You can also qualify the referred users that convert manually, or by upload, or using Zapier or webhooks. If you aren't sure which option is right for you, then chat to support using the chat widget inside Referral Factory. 


Here's an example - If John refers Sally, Sally then becomes a new lead in HubSpot. If your sales team phones Sally and she converts into a paying customer, then sally should also become qualified in Referral Factory. By using an integration you can automatically let Referral Factory know that Sally has qualified, and that way we can automatically reward John for referring her. 


3. You want to be able to Sync your contacts to generate referral links for them 


Want more referrals? You just have to generate referral links for all your contacts! You can use the sync function of our referral  software to sync existing and future contacts with your referral program, this will will generate referral links for them and push them back into your CRM or database.


There are many ways to add users to your referral program and generate their referral links, you can sync your contacts, you can upload them, you can add them via Zapier, you can add them via API, or you could ask your users to register to refer if you want them to opt-in rather than be automatically added to your campaign. 

4. You want to see in your CRM how many referrals, and converted referrals each of your contacts have 


Want to make managing your referral program even easier? You can set up your referral software to pass through the data of how many referrals and converted referrals a particular contact or customer has made. So at any given point, you can view a contact in your CRM or back end and see how many referrals they have made. 


Screenshot showing that you can Referral Software Integrates With Your Business.


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Referral Factory offers integrations with:


Please note that it is also possible to run your referral program without an integration setup, this is not required but as your program grows you'll find you want to automate as much as possible so you can get more referrals on auto-pilot.