What You Can Do With Integrations - Features Of Our Integrations

There are four main purposes you would use an integration 👇

1. You want to send your new referred users into the workflows you already use.  

Every time you get a new referred user (lead), you want to send that referred user into your business and the workflows you already use. If you use Hubspot for example and John refers Sally, you want Sally to go into Hubspot as a contact so that you can follow up and close that deal. 

2. You want an automated way to tell Referral Factory if those referred users convert. 

If John refers Sally, Sally is a new lead created in Hubspot. 

If your sales team phones Sally and she converts into a paying customer, you want the sales guy to just follow the internal process but that will trigger telling Referral Factory - hey Sally converted. 

If you use an integration, you can create rules that basically say - every time you update a lead, contact, or deal in your CRM then it would automatically let Referral Factory know if that person converted.

3. You want to be able to Sync your contacts to generate referral links for them and keep them handy in your CRM. 

In the future, whenever you communicate with customers directly from your CRM, you can always include their referral links and ask them for a referral.

4. You want to see in your CRM how many referrals, and converted referrals each of your contacts has. 


Referral Factory offers integrations with: