Your Campaign Builder - Pages For Person Invited

Use our referral software to create beautiful landing pages so the person invited can join your referral program when their friend refers them to your business.

Once you have built the pages for person referring, you can now build the pages that the person invited (sometimes called the referred user) will see after they click on their friend’s referral link.

In this help guide, we are going to cover the following:

  1. What is the first step for person invited
  2. How to collect valuable data about the person invited
  3. What is the second step for person invited

1. What is the first step for person invited

The first step of the person invited page is the most important page of your referral program. This page usually includes an offer, or incentive, or recommendation for the person invited. This is the page that the person invited will see, once they click on the referral link sent by the person referring. 


  • When the person invited clicks on their friend's link, they can see the name of the friend who referred them on the landing page making it look like their friend is personally inviting them to try the product or service. We built our referral program software in this way because these pages convert higher than if they were directed to the customer's website. 
  • Тhis page is also the first thing that the person invited will see about the business so it's a great opportunity for them to include more information about who they are, what they do, and why the person invited should choose them. 
  • Offering an incentive will give the person invited another reason to enter their details - so that they can get their offer.
  • This will allow customers to gather details of the referred users upfront. One of the valuable points of the landing page is that you can gather information about (the leads) or people being referred - even if they don’t convert straight away.  You can use the email notification feature that our referral program software has send emails to these leads or to build retargeting audiences etc. So even if the referred user doesn’t convert right away, you will have their details so that you can market to them later. 

Tips to make your page look great 👇

  • Keep your messaging short and clear 
  • Have a strong CTA
  • Make your page look nice and engaging

Here is an example from own our referral program (built using our referral program software) of the landing page that the person invited will see when they click on their friend's referral ink. 

“Jenny” is the person referring, and she sent her link to a friend, this is what her friend (person invited) would see 👇


By using more visual content, you can get your campaign looking right on brand, give more information without needing the person to read too much text, and create a great first impression 💃🏻 

In the first step for your person referring of your referral program, you can add

  • Titles and body text
  • Any elements you want - images, videos, GIFs
  • Form fields - input field, select field, CRM field, and a hidden field. 
  • A button that links to different URLs 

Screenshot showing that you can add Title,Image,Input field and CRM field in your referral software program.
2.  How to collect valuable data about the person invited

The aim on this page is to get the person invited to fill in their details. Our referral program software requires the "First Name" and "Email" of the person invited, but you can add more fields such as Input, select, CRM to gather data that will help you convert the potential customer.

Screenshot showing that Referral Factory offers in your program add CRM fields to gather more details.


And, if you're integrating with a CRM, the information you ask for in this form can be mapped to existing or custom fields/properties to use in your sales pipeline. 

You can learn more about how to add form fields using our referral program software by reading this help guide.

3. What is the second step for person invited

Once the person invited has filled out the form, you either show them a second landing page that you build using our referral program software or you can redirect them to a URL that you choose.


By default, the call-to-action button will take the person invited to a new landing page where you can thank them for filling in their details and tell them what to expect next. 


There are a few different ways you could use this page 👇

  • Thank the user for entering their details and letting them know that someone from your team will contact them.
  • Add a button with a link for users to book an appointment or demo.
  • Include a promotional code on this page with a button that directs them to your shop. 
  • Encourage downloads by adding buttons to different app stores so it is easier for users to download.

Screenshot showing that Referral Factory offers Encourage downloads by adding buttons.


Here is an example of how the second step (default option) of the pages for person invited looks like in the picture bellow👇.

If you choose to the redirect option our referral program software allows you to immediately redirect the person invited to a link of your choice, such as a link to your website. This means they won’t see the “thank you” page anymore.

You can turn on the redirect function by toggling this on 👇

Screenshot showing you can use redirect function by toggling this on.


You can also pass through the fields captured on the previous page to your website when a person invited is redirected. This means the information already gathered on Referral Factory will be repopulated on your website so the person invited will not have to enter in their details again.

If you do not pass along the data, please leave these fields blank.

Screenshot showing that Referral Factory will be repopulated on your website .


Once you've built the pages for the person invited, you'll need to head to the Settings step inside your campaign builder to configure the global settings for your referral program. 


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