How To Turn Off Email Notifications To Your Users

Our referral program software has a variety of email notifications that you can include in your referral program.

We built our referral program software to offer people the most value and the most value when it comes to our features. 

This is why we created so many valuable email notifications that you can enable to send to users and get the most results from your referral program.

However, we understand that in some cases, these emails may not be the right fit or you would prefer to send emails from your own ailing service. 

If you'd like to turn the email notifications off, just follow these steps 👇

  • Navigate your campaign builder.
  • Go to the settings section.
  • Toggle off the button next to the notification you want to turn off. 

Screenshot showing that you are allowed to turn off Email Notifications  for your referral program software.


Note*. If you find your emails are going to spam, you can enable your own email server to be in control of the sending. We do everything we can to maintain a good domain rating, but it can vary because our system sends millions of notifications weekly on behalf of many customers.

Enabling your own mail server is free, and you can read how to do that here.  


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