Zapier and Referral Factory: An Overview

Using Zapier and Referral Factory, you can automate everything from generating referral links for users, to asking your customers to refer their friends, to marking which referrals convert, to rewarding successful referrals. No-code needed!

referral factory plus zapier

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    Get your referral program up and running, and integrated via Zapier, in just a few days.

    If you already have a Referral Factory account, then keep reading to learn what you can do with Zapier and Referral Factory πŸ‘‡

    What You Can Do With Zapier and Referral Factory 


    πŸ‘‰ Sync your contacts from an app of your choice to generate their referral links. Learn how. 

    πŸ‘‰ Send your new referred contacts straight into the workflows you already use. Learn how. 

    πŸ‘‰ Qualify the referred contacts who convert using their email address, their code or a coupon. Learn how. 

    πŸ‘‰ Send rewards  hundreds of rewards and loyalty apps. Learn how. 

    Visit Referral Factory’s page on Zapier



    Sync Your Contacts From An App Of Your Choice (And Generate Their Referral Links)

    Sync your contacts with Referral Factory from hundreds of apps using Zapier. This will automatically add them to your referral program and generate their referral links. It's simple with Referral Factory's "Add New User" Zap.

    πŸ‘‰ Learn how


    Or check out one of these templates:

    β†’ Sync Contacts From WooCommerce

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Mailchimp

    β†’ Sync Contacts From HeyFlow

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Airtable

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Zoho Campaigns

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Chargebee

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Constant Contact

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Payhip

    β†’ Sync Contacts From Calendly



    Send Referrals from Referral Factory to An App of Your Choice Using Zapier


    Referral Factory can automatically create a new lead, contact, deal or opportunity in an app of your choice when someone signs up using their friend's referral link. That way, your team can pick up the referred lead without skipping a beat!

    πŸ‘‰ Learn how


    Or check out one of these templates:

    β†’ Send Referrals to Google Sheets

    β†’ Send Referrals to Slack

    β†’ Send Referrals to Active Campaign

    β†’ Send Referrals to ConvertKit

    β†’ Send Referrals to Klaviyo

    β†’ Send Referrals to TinyEmail

    β†’ Send Referrals to Constant Contact

    β†’ Send Referrals to Discord

    β†’ Send Referrals to RepairDesk

    β†’ Send Referrals to MailChimp

    β†’ Send Referrals to JobProgress

    β†’ Send Referrals to Campaign Monitor

    β†’ Send Referrals to Airtable

    β†’ Send Referrals to Lead Connector (High Level)

    β†’ Send Referrals to Practice Better

    β†’ Send Referrals to Kajabi

    β†’ Send Referrals to Zoho Campaigns

    β†’ Send Referrals to Rex

    β†’ Send Referrals to Bitrix24 CRM

    β†’ Send Referrals to Brevo

    β†’ Send Referrals to



    Automatically Qualify Referrals Using Zapier


    Use your regular workflows in an app of your choice to automatically qualify successful referrals, which, in turn, could trigger a reward to the person who referred them!

    You have three options: 

    β†’ Qualify by Email (recommended)

    β†’ Qualify by Code

    β†’ Qualify by Coupon

    πŸ‘‰ Learn how


    Or check out one of these templates:

    β†’ Qualify via Shopify (with emails)

    β†’ Qualify via Shopify (with coupons)

    β†’ Qualify via WooCommerce (with coupons)

    β†’ Qualify via JotForm

    β†’ Qualify via Amazon Seller Central

    β†’ Qualify via ActiveCampaign

    β†’ Qualify via Close

    β†’ Qualify via Copper 

    β†’ Qualify via Capsule CRM 

    β†’ Qualify via Boulevard

    β†’ Qualify via Brevo

    β†’ Qualify via Rex

    β†’ Qualify via Kajabi



    Send Rewards Via Hundreds of Rewards and Loyalty Apps

    Referral Factory's flexible rewards module means you can automate rewarding your referral program participants based on rules you set. And since Referral Factory can trigger rewards as a zap, you can issue your rewards automatically through any app or software that has an available action zap.

    πŸ‘‰ Learn how