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Troubleshooting: Setting Up Your Own Email Server Using Outlook

Want to send email notifications for your referral program through your Outlook email server? Read this article to help you get set up.

Let's start 👇

  • Log in to your Referral Factory account and click on the Settings tab in the left-hand navigation bar.
  • If your outbound email address is not set, add it. You have to add your Outlook email (username) in Outbound Email Address. The email addresses in the Own email and Outbound email must be the SAME.


  • Click on the "Manage Email" button to configure your settings. 


  • Here you will need to enter your SMPT credentials for your own email server.


  • Outlook SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com
  • Outlook SMTP Port (TLS): 587
  • Outlook SMTP Username: Your full Outlook email address (e.g. salman123@outlook.com)
  • Outlook SMTP Password: The password that you use to log in to Outlook
  • Encryption: TLS


Please Note: that from your Outlook Settings → Mail → Sync Mail → SMTP setting you will find the Encryption method as STARTTLS. In Referral Factory, the Encryption method should be set as TLS in order to work. 


Once you've set up everything, it's time to test your own email server setup to confirm that your new SMTP settings are working.

  • From your Referral Factory account, go to the campaigns tab.
  • Choose a campaign and click edit
  • Go to email notifications and send a test email