How Do I Qualify Referrals?

A qualified referral is when a referral successfully converts (a conversion could be a sale, a contract signed, an account opened, etc).

Qualifying your referrals will make your campaign easier to manage as you can see in real-time how many referrals you have and how many of those referrals have successfully converted. You easily see who referred them by looking at the Referred By column in your Users tab. We'll also tell you the date that the user qualified so you know exactly whom to issue a reward to, and when.

Table Of Contents


1. Qualifying referrals manually

2. Qualifying referrals using an integration

3. Qualifying referrals using our API

4. Qualifying referrals using Javascript

5. Qualifying referrals using Webhooks

6. Qualifying referrals using Zapier

7. Qualify referrals using unique coupon codes


1. Qualifying referrals manually


Follow these steps to manually qualify the referrals who have converted.

  • Navigate to your ‘Users’ tab in your dashboard.
  • Locate the user you want to qualify.
  • Click on the drop-down menu under the ‘Actions’ column.
  • Click Qualify.
  • Click on the Qualify button on the confirmation pop-up.





2. Qualifying referrals using an integration


You can also connect your referral program directly with your CRM to send new referred leads directly into your CRM – from there you can qualify these leads using your standard business processes. Once the referral has been qualified in your CRM, the status of the user in your Referral Factory dashboard will automatically update to qualified. Referral Factory currently has integration for HubspotSalesforceIntercom, Pipedrive, Zoho and WooCommerce


3. Qualifying referrals using our API


If you are using a CRM that we don’t currently integrate with or you have built a custom system, you can use our API to send referred users directly into your system as well as qualify them automatically when they perform an action on your website or platform that would count a successful referral. Here is a link to our API documentation.


4. Using our Javascript solution


You can insert a piece of the script below on your ‘Thank You’ or ‘Success’ page. This page will be what the invited user sees after they successfully convert (it could be completing a sign-up, creating an account, making a purchase, etc). Once an invited user lands on the page with the script on, it will notify our system that they have converted and the referral will automatically be qualified in your Referral Factory dashboard.

Please note: To use Javascript to qualify your referrals, you will need to redirect invited users to your website or platform where they can convert. This article will show you how to install Javascript on our website.


5. Using an inbound webhook


We have created an Inbound webhook so that you can send User data back into Referral Factory from any endpoint. This means you can automatically update the status of a referral lead outside of Referral Factory and it will ping back to our platform and "qualify" or "successfully convert" that referral lead. Here is a step-by-step guide on How To Qualify Referrals Using An Inbound Webhook and Zapier to help you set it up.


6. Qualifying referrals using Zapier


Zapier lets you connect Referral Factory with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can integrate your referral program with your existing business processes - no coding required. You can use the New Users zap to send new referred users or referred leads from Referral Factory to third-party software. This triggers when a new user has been referred to your referral program. You can then use the Qualify Users zap to send the unique referral code from a third-party software back to Referral Factory when a referred user converts. This is when a referred lead becomes qualified. You can learn more about that here.


7. Qualify referrals using unique coupon codes


You can generate unique coupon codes from your end and issue referred leads with those coupon codes that they can use on your platform. Once an invited person uses their coupon to register for a subscription or make a purchase etc, you can manually qualify a referral once the coupon code has been used on your side. Or you can Webhooks, Zapier or our API to do this automatically. Below is a diagram of how this works. Learn more about that here - Using Coupons With Referral Factory: A Full Guide.

Referral Factory - How To Issue Coupons To People Referring And People Invited- Diagram--png-1