Understanding The User Journey Of Your Referral Campaign

To build a powerful referral campaign, you will need to think about two different users: The person referring (the direct user) and The person invited (the referred user).

The person referring - Step 1 and Step 2

This first part of your referral campaign is directed at the person inviting their friends. You can either add people to your referral campaign or encourage them to sign up on their own.

Once they have joined your referral campaign they need to share their referral link with as many people as possible. 

The person invited - Step 3 and Step 4

The goal here is to make the person invited want to complete their details and find out more about your brand.

This part of your referral campaign should be as easy as possible for people being invited to complete their details so that new leads are captured.

Once they have signed up and submitted their details you can choose what experience they will have next. You have three options for the person invited  🙌

Option 1 - a different journey for different users

Option 2 - keep the same journey for all users

Option 3 - redirect users to your website

In this video, let’s understand the user journey of the referral campaign in more detail👇