How To Send Direct Users (The Person Referring) to Pipedrive When They Sign Up For A Referral Link

If your referral program is open to anyone to join, Referral Factory can create a Pipedrive contact when someone registers for a referral link. That way, you can save your new users' details and their referral metrics straight to your CRM.

📌  Want to know what else you can do with Referral Factory and Pipedrive? Read the overview.

Step 1 (Optional): Create Custom Data Fields in Pipedrive 

→ Should you wish to store data such as the Person Referring's referral link, referral count, converted referral count, or the name of the campaign, first create these data fields inside Pipedrive.


Step 2: Configure How Data Should Be Sent in Referral Factory

→ Click Edit Campaign to enter the campaign builder. 

→ Navigate to the Integration step in the bottom navigation bar. 

→ Scroll down until you see the option to configure settings for the Person Referring. 

→ Select whether Referral Factory should create a Lead or a Deal in Pipedrive. 

Step 3: Map Your Fields

→ Map the data fields from Referral Factory to your Pipedrive fields using the dropdown select options. If a recently created Pipedrive field is unavailable for selection, click the refresh button.

❗️ For this function to work, you must map the fields: 

  • {Referrer First Name} in Referral Factory to {Name} in Pipedrive
  • {Referrer Email} in Referral Factory to {Email} in Pipedrive
  • Any Referral Factory field to {Title (Lead/Deal)} in Pipedrive

Other fields are optional.

For the Pipedrive integration to work correctly, you need to map a data field from Referral Factory to populate in Pipedrive's default {Title} field which is used to label leads and or deals. Since you wouldn't be likely to ask for this information from your users, we recommend mapping a default Referral Factory field like {Campaign Name} or {Source}. However, you could also map other form fields you create, such as {Last Name} or {Company}.

Step 4 (Optional): Define Default Fields

→ You also have the option to define default fields for when the Lead/Deal is created inside Pipedrive. 

Step 5: Choose How To Handle Duplicates

→ Choose whether Referral Factory should update existing contacts in Pipedrive. Please note that choosing to update existing contacts could override data inside Pipedrive.

→ Click Save or Next.



How To Test Whether Your Integration Is Working

→ Open your campaign link in a private window or incognito mode and sign up as the Person Referring. Please note that Referral Factory uses cookies, so if you have already visited your campaign link, you may see the incorrect step. 

→ Be sure to use an email address that does not already exist as a user in your referral campaign and, depending on your settings, does not already exist in Pipedrive. We recommend using plus addressing to make sure that each email address is unique and easily searchable. For example,

→ Check that the user is created in the Users tab inside Referral Factory. 

→ Check that the Lead/Deal is created in Pipedrive.



📌 Having trouble? Read the Pipedrive Troubleshooting Guide.