Integration Requirements

Below are the requirements needed to integrate your CRM, or E-Commerce platform with Referral Factory. Each integration has different requirements, so please check the list below carefully.

The possibility exists that the integration you are looking for is not available in our marketplace - in that case you can use the Referral Factory API, or our Webhooks with Zapier, and there is an option to use Javascript too.  Read more about all these options here here.

Furthermore, if you would like to request an integration, then please let us know here

Below is a list of requirements for our native integrations: 

Please note that to use any of the integration options listed on this page, you must be on the Basic plan of Referral Factory or above. See our pricing plans here.

  • HubSpot:

    • Referral Factory and HubSpot integration will work on a free, or paid HubSpot account.
    • Must work with ‘Lead Status’ or ‘Lifecycle Stage’.
  • Salesforce:

    • To use the integration between Referral Factory and Salesforce you must have a Sales Professional, or Service Professional account or higher.
    • Plus, you must enable API access.
      • Check how to enable API access here.
      • Check accounts and pricing here.
  • Intercom:

    • Referral Factory is available on all Intercom plans.
  • Shopify:

    • Referral Factory works with all forms of Shopify stores, on Facebook and Instagram, Buy Buttons, or with the online merchant store. 
    • May not work with the Shopify Point Of Sale system. 
  • Zapier:

    • Referral Factory's Zapier integration is available here
    • The integration is available on Zapier's free plan and higher.

We have many integrations coming, keep an eye out for them here.